TruckHub: An Overview

TruckHub connects dispatchers, drivers and shippers on one proprietary platform that allows each individual party to effectively communicate with one another. The easy-to-use interface makes TruckHub a must-have tool for 3PL. TruckHub helps customers seamlessly pickup, receive and send containers from one location to the next by connecting them with dispatchers and shippers on one platform.

Dispatchers Dashboard


Using TruckHub, dispatchers, drivers and shippers can share contact information and generate accurate rate quotes for truckload and Container transport. Customers can select FTL, LTL, Import, or Export, and TruckHub will automatically display the proper input fields necessary for completing a virtual DO. Dispatchers are able to send quotes for customers to approve directly from the TruckHub platform. Once the customer accepts the bid, the job is picked up by a driver and all three parties are connected in the TruckHub Message Center.


TruckHub is the first TMS that connects customers, transport companies and their drivers in real-time communication on one platform. At each leg of the delivery process, TruckHub automatically sends alerts to the customer and dispatcher with updates and additional fees logged by the driver. This prevents any surprise charges or disputes between the carrier and shipper once the job is done.