Designed With Everyone In Mind | TruckHub, An On Demand Digital 3PL Solution

Reliable. Intuitive. Fast. Consistent.

These are the common remarks of those who have used TruckHub. A digital on demand focused platform designed from the ground up to provide a number of services across the 3PL logistics chain. Function and ease of use were the primary goals for this 3PL transportation and warehouse focused platform, and its diverse set of users have confirmed it.

Since most digital solutions focus on solving the final-end problem, a common disconnect in most revolves around ignoring the specific individual’s need on functionality, effectiveness, ease of use. TruckHub breaks this trend by being designed with the user in mind- shippers or carriers (dispatchers, drivers, etc.). This allows TruckHub to provide a niche in the on demand digital solutions marketplace- allowing for easy P2P interfaces, while solving a real world problem.

Drivers Dashboard in My Truck Hub Application
MyTruckHub’s intuitive, mobile-friendly platform allows for ease of use, regardless of the user’s role in the 3PL logistics  chain- shippers, dispatchers, and drivers. © 2018 Truckhub⼁

TruckHub proprietary transportation management software provides shippers with a user-friendly dashboard, up-to-date tracking through GPS, in-platform status updates, specific shipment details, virtual deliveries, SMS contact notifications, and inventory reports. Dispatchers enjoy the added benefits of on demand enterprise level active map views, reports, added visibility, complete drayage-based shipments control, real-time rate generation, and last mile delivery options.

Drivers finally gain a giant digital step forward in the 3PL process with TruckHub since most digital solutions tend to focus less on their interface and role. Their dashboard provides a mobile-focused friendly sign-in interface, easy shipment notifications and confirmations, active orders, on demand turn-by-turn GPS & Google Maps integration, easy upload system, and a complete file library of the driver’s shipment history.

Truckhub Dashboard

From start to finish- for everyone involved in the 3PL logistics chain- TruckHub combines the best parts of technology with human elements to ensure complete on demand last mile delivery, container drayage, and full truckload transportation. To learn more about what TruckHub’s proprietary on demand 3PL transportation platform can do for you, watch their informative logistics chain video below or visit their website here.