Driver Recruitment for Human Resources | TruckHub in the Workplace

Providing On-Demand Digital Solutions to Specific 3PL Departments

Solving problems in real-time with effective technology; this was the underlining notion behind TruckHub. Yet, with TruckHub’s API integration capabilities and recruitment feature, more and more users are finding the ease of use and functionality of TruckHub to be vital.

“With TruckHub, reaching out to both new and current drivers has never been so easy; in one dashboard, I can send messages in real-time to a wide network of 3PL based drivers. It has become vital to my driver recruitment program,” states Dina Estor, Human Resources Manager at DGD Transport. Drivers pose as the solution to many of the problems facing the current 3PL industry, however they need the correct tools (technology) to move forward. focused solution to help. It’s a give and take relationship with one having a slight edge, but nevertheless depending on the other.

DGD Transport uses TruckHub for Driver communication With success, growth comes, and while ideally, it is essential for management to allow correct scaling. With more and more drivers in a thriving 3PL company, such as DGD Hazmat, more and more staff will become involved and/or essential for operations. Human resources can tap into the driver recruitment feature of TruckHub in order to send out employment possibilities within a given organization. Drivers can respond in real-time, with HR rep.’s being able to response via mobile or desktop platforms.

“It’s really something different in the industry, Dina continues. A lot of the technology we see in 3PL usually focus on management and the consumer. While TruckHub offers those pivotal points too, there’s so much more; having something for intra- uses within each department, like Human Resources- that’s something completely new.”

While technology has been helping for some time now, it hasn’t always been a smooth process. As reported by Fraser Sherman at Chron– “Before the Internet and email, connecting with job seekers meant phone, face time or a letter. In the 21st century, it’s routine for companies to post openings online, and require job seekers to apply through an online applicant tracking system. That frees up a great deal of time that HR would have spent dealing with paper resumes or personal calls. However, HR practices don’t always take into account how well the system works for the candidates. Online forms have a standardized format that often makes it hard to tell a star performer from a slacker. A badly designed system with confusing instructions and slow response times can actually turn job seekers off to applying with a firm.”

The methodologies for recruiting and employment seeking have shifted in the last five years. With new online outlets, such as, and the economy shifting from an employers advantage to the applicant, has allowed for new candidates to aggressively find the job they are looking for. This inherently aids Human Resources- frees up a great deal of time one would have spent dealing with paper resumes and/or personal phone calls. Communicating consistently itself was a concerned, but another step forward has tied all these avenues together.

TruckHub brings all of this within its system and allows for everyone involved to have an easy and simple platform to accomplish specific tasks. Inspiration came from over a decade worth of an experience in the 3PL and by combining clean UX/UI with a total source package, many others in the work place can utilize TruckHub. It moves forward even more with data analysis; Sherman continuing on- “Analyzing employee performance used to depend on personal assessments and obvious standards: Did the employee finish the task on time? Does their boss trust them? Technology makes it easier to gather and break down data on employees to get an overall picture. Which tasks do they perform best? Do they meet all the goals from last year’s performance appraisal? If they fell short, was it by 12 percent, 50 percent or 75 percent? Software programs can even take over much of the work in evaluating employees.” The technology of tomorrow is here to meet today’s concerns, with more and more clients looking for on-demand technology providing the ability to see their items in real-time. TruckHub is here to fill that gap in the 3PL marketplace.