TruckHub was invited to join a number of selected tech. startups in the South Florida region to have an experimental live a 'Shark Tank' experience here at the modern CIC Miami facility. Hosted by blubeta, It was a memorable night to meet fellow industry innovators and their digital solutions as per identified market niches. Each app and every hardworking founder, CEO, and/or technical developer behind them have a unique story, driving their projects. Continue reading on to learn more about a night of innovators learning to hone their pitch skills and networking.

Five Startups. Five Minutes.

Each startup was presented with the opportunity to showcase their digital solution(s) to a current issue, with each one in an unique industry. One of the more interesting concepts revolves around music and social media. SoundTribe "connects you with the people and events you want to connect with minus the non-sense seen on other social platforms. Everyone you encounter is here for the same reasons. The only thing that matters is that you have an open mind and are down to have fun and meet new people. SoundTribe is a global, drama-free community of like-minded, chill people who are actually down to kick it. Uniting music fans from all walks of life into one network is SoundTribe’s mission. The ultimate goal is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to be able to open up the SoundTribe app and connect with legit, like-minded people who listen to the same music and attend the same events."

The winner of the bluebeta's beta pitch competition, Digitix, looks to revamp the supply block data chain in healthcare by connecting healthcare institutions on one specific digital database, information can easily be transferred along the block chain to pass requested information in real-time. TruckHub was able to provide a real-time, live demo, with our presenters and one of our developers showing a container being requested and then pick-up and dropped off. The team gained insights in a number of mannerisms technical, pitching, and how to think further in the future. It was a memorable night showing how aggressive the tech. community is in South Florida.

Many look to data to find patterns and/or unique factors in order to promote or eliminate a topic. TruckHub breaks the current TMS focused products since most solutions either come from a tech. company with no real trucking insights or trucking companies with no developmental technology. Luis Lopez, Founder & CEO of TruckHub, brought this project to life after spending a decade in the 3PL trucking industry. By combing both the means and knowledge of developing valid technology with experience and insights from the respective industry, Luis is able to utilize software for truckers by truckers. This inherently brings project success on a number of factors, most notably the industry recognizing and agreeing on the technological advancement of TruckHub. By bringing his insights and specific technical features (such as built-in API integration capabilities, user-focused interface and dashboard, admin MGMT control) Luis is able to provide something that the industry needs and will be able to quickly adapted.

Stay tuned for the next update from the team as they travel to Texas in November for FreightWaves' Market Waves tech. presentation. Be prepared to see the latest innovative tech. enabled solutions from some of the most aggressive thinkers in the country. We'll see you there.