TruckHub & Blockchain

DGD Transport, a 3PL partner and TruckHub’s sister company joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA). The alliance is a comprised of the “foremost leaders in the trucking industry” working towards developing industry standards for using blockchain technology in trucking. Each member shares the unified goal to educate the market on blockchain applications while also promoting their use throughout the industry.

Blockchain, the technology that drives cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin and LiteCoin, is has a myriad of potential applications in trucking and logistics because it’s capable of building a new system of completing transactions, tracking shipments and managing fleets. TruckHub and DGD Transport’s CEO, Luis Lopez, and his team recognize the value in bringing blockchain to the trucking industry in a way that allows for efficient integration.


Blockchain is going to change trucking forever. I want to make sure I do all that I can to help pioneer this movement. I’m all about simplifying the process. That’s why I created TruckHub.

-Luis Lopez, Founder of TruckHub.

TruckHub is a proprietary transportation management system (TMS) designed to improve communication, order processing and workflow in trucking. The application connects dispatchers, drivers and shippers on one platform. It provides mapping, messaging, notification services for each leg of a delivery order. Lopez believes TruckHub, like blockchain, will increase security and add more structure to the logistics process.