API Integrations

Fundamental TMS features, with advanced options.

The TruckHub digital platform is a Transportation Management System (TMS), meaning that it improves decision-making, execution, follow-up and measurement for transportation and logistics. TruckHub's API integration and cloud-based technology provides users with a plethora of tools necessary for any 3PL partner. It is transferable across any device, allowing for an easy user experience no matter what device the user is on.

The TruckHub Advantage

TruckHub is poised to change the way shippers and carriers interact - giving the container drayage industry a much needed boost in efficiency.  We created a smart, open-ended, API system capable of pulling data from port terminals, trucking companies, and their assets. TruckHub organizes the data into a singular TMS platform that streamlines proof of delivery, and is completely user-friendly.

Cloud-Based Technology

The app is currently hosted on Azure Cloud Services Platform allowing for seamless scaling and user integration as traffic increases. Dispatchers, drivers and shippers can all share time-sensitive documents and forms with each other. Being a Cloud-based API system also means that the more you use TruckHub the quicker the process will become; over time TruckHub will save all new information entered into the new shipment screen, then this information will come up as a predefined option the next time you enter in a new shipment.

API Communication

Similar to services such as Uber and Lyft, TruckHub's Mapping services are provided by Google API. Drivers are able to receive turn-by-turn directions from the first leg of their route to the final leg. On top of that, because TruckHub is a cloud-based API system, drivers are able to communicate with their dispatch team through the app itself, and will receive SMS notifications when the details of a shipment are changed. Drivers can also upload any important documents they collect along their trip and upload them to the TruckHub cloud further streamlining proof of delivery.

Elevated Speeds and Live Updates

Truckhub’s integrative API system automatically pulls the shipment’s real time data by tracking the GPS location of every truck on the road. The system displays the route of every active shipment on TruckHub's Map View, powered by Google Maps API,  keeping carriers and customers on the same page.  Shippers, drivers and dispatchers are able to remain in constant communication by way of TruckHub's mobile-app, requiring drivers to select a 'start button' before they can view the turn by turn directions, this notifies users of the load's progress.

Payment Processing And Accounting Integration

Send and receive invoices directly from the TruckHub app. TruckHub allows it users to easily manage and track a container’s time spent outside of the port terminal, and automatically calculate the per diem charge for time after the Last Free Day (LFD). Plus TruckHub is built to integrate with other common open-ended API accounting softwares like QuickBooks allowing its users to process invoices without ever opening a new tab in your browser.