Revolutions in an industry are something that happens maybe once in a generation. These shifts make waves and cause a phase shift in the industry. Take, for example, the iPhone, which ushered in the era of smartphones, which in today’s age is more pervasive than the flush toilet. Very often, people make breakthroughs out of necessity to the individual or those closest to them. When Luis Lopez was looking for a digital TMS, he could not find one suitable for his needs, so he made his own.

What is Truck Hub

Truck Hub, a subsidiary of Freight Hub Group, is a revolutionary all-in-one Transportation Management System. It is specifically tuned to help with Last-Mile Delivery, Container Drayage, and Full Truckload. By making use of a sleek modern design, they can offer something that is both immensely powerful, as well as being intuitive and enjoyable to use. That allows for little initial training and quick adoption.

One of the most powerful features is the map view. That view allows you to see: all your orders on the left window, a map of all drivers in the center, and a list of all the drivers to the right, with their respective status. That allows you to view your shipments in an overall view and then work from there into specific orders. 

What Truck Hub Does

TruckHub is a proprietary platform that allows for effective connection and communication between dispatchers, drivers, and shippers. By utilizing state-of-the-art UI design, they can make this connection intuitive. They are the first TMS to connect customers, companies, and drivers all on the same platform for three modes of domestic transportation. That allows for live updates on any additional fees or charges that may occur for full transport transparency. You can think of Truck Hub as the Quickbooks Online of trucking companies, Truck Hub as a stand-alone CRM, Connects to DAT and TruckStop Load Board, has a stand-alone Recruitment platform, API with Keep Truckin, and API with Quickbooks Online. Truck Hub was also the first Proprietary TMS to connect to C.H. Robinson via API.

Truck Hub also generates accurate rate quotes instantaneously, enabling customers to get quotes at their convenience and no wait time for all three modes of transport. 

How Truck Hub Boosts your Efficiency

A carrier built Truck Hub to make carriers, shippers, and brokers all work within harmony with over a decade of experience to develop a product engineered to solve day-to-day operational inefficiencies. This level of interconnectedness and oversight allows you to ensure maximum efficiency by successfully identifying any issues before they become problems. The constant communication aspect facilitates instant driver reporting of any problems they face on the road to their company and the receiving client. By having this instant reporting, the client is more able to adapt to delays that may occur because of problems faced on the road. The efficiency advantages also extend to management in 3PL companies, Brokers, and Shippers.